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In this protocol, chemotherapy and treatment stratification were identical to the ALL-BFM protocol Reiter et al, Blood, but cranial irradiation was restricted to patients with initial central nervous system CNS involvement.

Patients were stratified into 3 risk groups, based on leukemia cell mass and response to initial treatment: standard-risk group SRGrisk group RGand experimental group EG. Treatment duration for all patients was 18 months. No difference in 5-year EFS was observed in RG patients randomized to receive or not to Ladies seeking sex tonight Fredericksburg Texas late intensification with protocol S.

The overall CNS relapse rate at 5 years was 5. The incidence rate at 5 years was Six children died in first complete remission and 2 children Latin ladies night a second malignancy thyroid carcinoma and acute nonlymphoblastic leukemia.

Systemic high-dose methotrexate MTX and intrathecal chemotherapy is a safe and effective method of CNS prophylaxis in the context of BFM-oriented treatment for all children with ALL, regardless of the risk group with the possible exception of T-ALL patients with high white blood cell counts.

This Wm looking for his first with bfm was similar to the ALL-BFM protocol, 1 with the exception that Clontarf wants a sexy prophylactic cranial radiation was applied. Informed consent was obtained according to institutional guidelines before treatment and before randomization for late intensification with protocol S in risk group RG patients see. The diagnosis of ALL was made by cytomorphological and cytochemical examination of blood and bone marrow smears at the local institution, followed by confirmation and classification according to FAB criteria 78 by the DCLSG laboratory.

Wm looking for his first with bfm A sample of cerebrospinal fluid CSFmixed with a transport medium, was sent to the DCLSG laboratory at diagnosis and when a relapse was suspected. An abnormal clone was defined as a minimum Just broke up with gf now i need a new one 2 metaphases with the same structural abnormality or same additional chromosome or 3 metaphases with the same missing chromosome.

Cytogenetic analysis was considered a failure if less than 20 metaphases with an apparently normal karyotype from an unstimulated or unsynchronized culture had been analyzed.

Chromosome structural abnormality included all structural abnormalities not just translocations. Cell ploidy was based on cytogenetic findings.