Auto Tek   4313 Gillis St  Austin,TX78745   (512) 326-3881
Auto Tek
4313 Gillis St
AustinTX 78745
 (512) 326-3881

Reviews Of Auto Tek

4.90 63 Reviews
Ernie Durawa
Jul 03, 2018

First time I have ever been there but needed to get my car inspected and felt a good vibe from the start. Great to know a good place in the hood. I'll be back when the need arrises.

Stephanie Boggs
Jun 05, 2018

Will Tung
May 10, 2018

Honest guys, only downside is that they don't open on weekends.

Michelle Matula
Mar 24, 2018

Thomas Custer
Feb 22, 2018

This is far and away the best auto shop I have ever been to. From the moment I called to schedule my appointment the staff was extremely courteous and professional, and were very thorough when asking me the specific reasons I was bringing my car in. My brakes had started making a grinding noise a couple days prior, and I also had a leak in my power steering fluid I asked them to check out. I called on a Friday and was able to schedule an appointment for the following Monday morning. Just a couple hours after dropping off my car they called me to give a full rundown on what the problems were. As suspected, my front brake pads needed to be replaced, one of which was completely worn away. They carefully explained why they suspected it had worn so much compared to the other in a manner which was detailed yet simple to understand. They also confirmed the leak in my power steering fluid pump, and warned me of a potential problem with the lower control arms. After the call, they emailed me a detailed report of all the things we discussed on the phone, and the prices for each fix, which were reasonable. They told me that the control arm fix would most likely push the repairs into the next day, so I opted out of that after they assured me that it is a very minor issue that does not require an immediate fix. I respected their honesty and kindness - they did not once push me to pay for the extra repair because it was not necessary at the time. They called me at about 4:45 to inform me that the car was ready for pickup. When I went in, I asked for their opinion on repairing the control arms, and whether it's something that I should address soon. They recommended bringing my car to them for my next oil change and they'd be happy to check it out again then to monitor it. The reassured me that it is not a safety issue, and explained precisely what the problem was, again in a way that someone with a lesser understanding of cars could understand. This is the only auto shop I've been to with such friendly, professional, and honest staff. I will absolutely be back for all my future car problems.

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