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Top Questions to Ask Your Vehicle Mechanic

Top Questions to Ask Your Vehicle Mechanic

There are all kinds of good noises associated with a vehicle — light music coming through your speakers, a slight increase in engine noise when you step on the gas and even the sound of silence when all of your windows are rolled up and the vehicle is well-insulated. However, there are also some crazy banging, clanking, grinding and screeching sounds that come from who-knows-where; what do you do then? Of course, you go see your mechanic! Here are some top questions to ask your mechanic that will ensure you're back on the road quickly.

General Background Information

It's important to establish a baseline understanding with a new mechanic to avoid surprises down the road. A question about whether or not they have worked on your make or model of vehicle before is perfectly appropriate, as well as asking whether there is a charge for diagnostics. While some repair shops include running tests as part of their service, others charge for checking these issues. It's also important to determine whether you will be charged a flat fee or an hourly rate. If your mechanic notes an hourly rate, make sure to add a cap to the charge and get a written estimate in advance for the time. 

A good mechanic will attempt to determine what your key concern is — resale value and maintaining the vehicle in near-new condition or saving money.

Help Me Understand

If you're not a mechanic, there are a lot of terms that get confusing quickly. Ask your mechanic to explain the details of any necessary repairs, and provide you with an opportunity to get a second opinion before performing the work, if needed. Also, question your mechanic on whether or not they will contact you if any unexpected expenses are uncovered during the repair work.

Choosing Parts

A good mechanic will attempt to determine what your key concern is — resale value and maintaining the vehicle in near-new condition or saving money. If you're more focused on saving money, mechanics may recommend that you go with less expensive parts. Keep in mind that cheaper parts almost always have a shorter warranty period, if they offer a warranty at all. 

What Else Did You Find?

While your mechanic may be listening for a specific hum that you've heard on an ongoing basis, they may notice that there are other issues that should be resolved for your safety. For instance, finding and addressing problems before they become dangerous can save you a significant amount of money in the long term. Ask your mechanic to be on the lookout for any upcoming service needs and when they should be scheduled.

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