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How to Create Your Own Roadside Emergency Kit

How to Create Your Own Roadside Emergency Kit

Everyone should have a roadside emergency kit in their vehicle. Don't have one? Then make one! Anything can happen when you're driving around, whether something occurs during your daily commute or you encounter an accident on a long road trip. An emergency kit is designed to keep you safe and to make it easier for you to get help.

The Contents of Your Roadside Emergency Kit

You can create an emergency kit by starting with these essential items:

  • Jumper cables. Everyone should have a pair of jumper cables in case your car battery dies while you're on-the-go.
  • Reflectors or flares. Anything that will catch the attention of other people on the road if you get stuck in the dark.
  • Motor oil and coolant. These are two necessary items that your car shouldn't be low on. Include them in your kit in case you spring an unexpected leak.
  • A first aid kit. What if you get injured while on the road? You should have a first aid kit handy.
  • A space blanket. Space blankets are blankets that are exceptionally well-insulated, to keep you safe in any environment.
  • Flashlight with batteries. Don't forget to test the flashlight often to make sure that it still works, as the batteries can die over time.
  • A tool kit. Tool kits are useful for fixing small problems that you encounter while you're on the road.
  • A tire inflator and seal. If you suddenly get a flat tire, you want to be able to fix it easily.
  • Ice scraper. If you live in an area that has frequent cold weather, you need to carry an ice scraper at all times.
  • Granola or energy bars. You may need to have some food with you if you're out in an area for a long period.

Motor oil and coolant. These are two necessary items that your car shouldn't be low on. Include them in your kit in case you spring an unexpected leak.

Be Able to Fix a Tire

In addition to a roadside emergency kit, you should always know how to change a flat tire. It's simple: you just need a jack, lug wrench, spare tire and owners manual. The owners manual will show you where to position the jack to raise your car. From there you can raise your car and use the lug wrench to spin the lugs off your old tire. Gently remove the old tire and then replace the spare tire. Tighten the lugs almost all of the way and then lower your car. Once the car is lowered, you can tighten the lugs completely.

Add in anything else that you feel you might need, including seasonal items, depending on the current weather, or things dependent on the area that you're going to be traveling in. You can also purchase a commercial roadside emergency kit if you need one in a hurry. Either way, Auto Tek is here to make sure that you don't need it! Contact us today to set up your next maintenance appointment.