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The Accidentally Awesome Family Business

The Accidentally Awesome Family Business

My name is Aaron Fehrle, son to an incredibly intelligent, ambitious and loving father named Leonard. As a child, I remember my dad coming home exhausted from long days of hard work at Joe White’s Performance Automotive repair shop. He’d come home with a smell of oil which became an odd comfort when he’d plop down on the couch next to me and my twin sister, Andreah, completely spent.

How Auto Tek Began

After 13 years working with his mentor Joe White, Joe decided to step away from the business in 1993 and proposed handing the reigns over to my then 30-year-old father. That is when Auto Tek, Inc. was born. Inexperienced and “wet behind the ears” with anything pertaining to actually running a business, my dad jumped in head first deciding to build a foundation not on business experience, but instead on what he knew: building relationships and trust with his customers. He took the shop from then a two-man operation struggling to get by, to a successful well-respected business.

The Family Business Begins

It was in late 2002 that I had been laid off from my job and was in need of something to just tide me over until I was able to find the next chapter in my young work career. My dad reluctantly hired me on for a “short-term” to sweep floors, simply to keep me going. His biggest fear was that I would get comfortable and fall into the same strenuous industry he’d been in his entire life.

He aspired that I would become a doctor or anything other than a life consuming 60 hours per week slave to a business. What he didn’t foresee was that I would, in fact, fall in love with what he had built. What he built was an incredible, community loved work of art it seemed. How could he expect me not to fall in love with it as well? That’s where it began for me.


Auto Tek Continues to Grow

Five years later my sister Andreah came in to join with my dad and myself to complete the family trifecta. As a family, we have expounded upon my dad’s core principles and have continued to pursue maintaining a spotless reputation. We care more than anything about making sure that anyone who blesses us by walking through our doors is treated with kindness and respect. It is that reason I believe that we are proudly able to be as successful as we are. With the amount of excellent service and the incredible service staff we have, we will be here for a long time to come, still striving for the always high standards we try so hard to reach every day. 

I believe the coolest part for my sister and I is being able to carry on our father’s legacy. Now she and I get to go home with that same comforting smell of oil that we became so accustomed to as children. Hopefully, we can provide that same comfort for our own families and be able to live up to what our father built. That is why we are here and why we love what we do so much.


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