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Follow These Tips When Buying a Used Car

Follow These Tips When Buying a Used Car

If you need a "new" car, you might want to consider buying used. Everyone knows that new cars depreciate the most within their first two years of use. You can save a lot of money and get an even better car by buying a vehicle that's just a little older. But that doesn't mean that all used cars are made equal. It can be a challenge to find the vehicle that's right for you. Here are some things that you should look out for.

What Should You Look for in a Used Car?

  • No significant body damage. A scrape or dent might be fine, but significant body damage indicates that the car may have been in a collision. This can throw off the suspension and other internal workings of the car. 
  • Single driver or light driver households. Cars that have been driven lightly on a commute will often be in like-new condition, whereas cars that have been passed down or used for work may be in a slightly rougher state.
  • No rust. You should always look carefully around the vehicle for signs of rust. Not only is rust itself very difficult to fix once it sets in, but it also indicates that the owner may not have been conscientious about car maintenance.
  • Safety standards. Older cars had different safety standards when compared to newer models. Before you purchase a used car, look up the make and model to make sure that it's rated highly in safety categories.
  • Good tires. If the car doesn't have good tires, you're going to have to factor in the cost of getting new ones, and that can be a big expense.

Unless you're a professional mechanic yourself, there are undoubtedly things that you will miss while looking the car over. This is why a pre-purchase inspection is critical when buying a used car.

Should You Get a Pre-Purchase Inspection?

A pre-purchase inspection is critical when purchasing a car. Pre-purchase inspections are performed by reputable and reliable auto service companies. Unless you're a professional mechanic yourself, there are undoubtedly things that you will miss while looking the car over. There may be damage to the engine that you don't notice or signs that the car has been involved in a significant collision. A pre-purchase inspection will ensure that the car is in good condition. 

Perhaps even more usefully, the mechanic will also identify problem areas and tell you the approximate cost of fixing them. Nearly every used car has some issues, whether it's brake pads that need to be replaced or paint issues that have to be fixed. By knowing the cost of fixing these problems, you can be more confident about the value of your purchase. If you don't want to get a pre-purchase inspection, you may be better off purchasing a used car through a vendor that offers certified pre-owned cars.

About to purchase a used car? Get a pre-pucrhase inspection! Contact Us!

If you're about to purchase a used car, consider bringing it down to the experts at Auto Tek. We can both determine whether the car is safe to drive and give you some auto repair tips regarding anything that may need to be maintained, repaired, or otherwise adjusted. Contact us today for more information about our auto services!