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Even as a Busy Mom, You Can Keep Your Car Organized

Even as a Busy Mom, You Can Keep Your Car Organized

Being a busy mom can take its toll on your free time and on your car. Fortunately, there are some great ways to handle organization, even when you're on the go all of the time. Here are some of the best car hacks to get your vehicle organized and keep it that way, no matter how many PTA meetings and soccer practices you need to go to.

Storing Things for You and Your Car

Shower Caddy for Car Fluids. A shower caddy is a great way to keep all the fluids your car might need accessible and in one place.

Use a Trunk Shelf for More Vertical Space. With a trunk shelf, you can get nearly twice the room you had before.

Have an Organized Lunch on the Go. A shower caddy or other small organizer will keep lunch neat and orderly so you sneak a quick meal in while you're in the car.

Corral Your Purse With Carabiners. Keep your purse always in reach and easy to get to by attaching it with carabiners.

Shoe Organizers Make Your Trunk a Command Center. With a few shoe organizers over the back of the back seat, you can use your trunk for so much more.

Use a Tissue Box to Dispense Grocery Bags. Those plastic grocery bags come in handy for so many things, and keeping them organized can really help.

A plastic cereal dispenser with a small bag in it makes a great trash can! No more tossing trash on the floor.

Create an Emergency Kit From a Makeup Bag. A makeup bag filled with bandages and other essentials can help you be prepared.

A Couch Remote Holder Can Keep Everything Organized. Keep all the little things you and your car may need in one place with a couch remote control holder.

Keep the Car Ready for Kids

Organize Your Console With an Ice Pop Maker. An ice pop maker is an excellent way to store small items so they don't get lost.

Silicone Cupcake Wrappers in the Cup Holders Make Clean-Up Easy. It's far easier to clean up a silicone wrapper than the inside of the cup holder that's sticky with soda and crumbs.

Make a Trash Can From a Cereal Dispenser. A plastic cereal dispenser with a small bag in it makes a great trash can! No more tossing trash on the floor. 

Shower Caddies With Suction Cups Can Hold All the Necessities. Stick shower caddies to the window to hold small items on longer car trips.

A Laundry Basket and a Muffin Pan Make a Bigger Drink Holder. You can store plenty of drinks with this method, giving you a lot more cup holders with a stable base that won't tip over.

Create an Entertainment Station from a Toiletries Organizer. A toiletries organizer can hold all kinds of things and hang over the back of the seat, where kids can reach it easily. Stick crayons, coloring books and other fun items in here. 

OK so now you know how to organize your car like a pro. When it comes to maintenance, however, leave it to Auto Tek! We're your trusted source for auto repairs in Austin — we can handle everything from an oil change to a full-blown tun-up.